Family restaurant"Spacious sit-down place"   Tel(703)543-7701.
  Lunch Cater
~~Breakfast Catering~~
  *Smith & Clarkson Breakfast
Sliced bagels with cream cheese, fresh home made choco cookies,and scones, butter, and jelly on side ,served with Seattle's Best coffee, or fresh squeezed orange juice. $8/serving
  Burrito Platter-
Your choice of meat (sausage, bacon strips, ham, or veggie), melted cheddar cheese, scrambled eggs on wrap, veggies (sateed onion, mushroom) served with Seattle's Best Coffee(12oz cup). $9/ serving (with home fries inside, add 1.00)
  S&C Morning Sandwich Platter
fresh home-baked Croissants with eggs scrambled , melted cheese, and bacon strips or ham, wrapped with foil, served with seasonal fruit on the bowls(16oz). $10/serving
  S&C Deluxe Buffet
Fresh Scramble eggs, home fries, bacon or sausage, sliced bagels with cream cheese, butter. Served with fresh-squeezed orange juice(8oz cup). $10/serving
  Combo Buffet
Smith & Clarkson's home made French Toast (or pancakes), scrambled eggs, bacon strips or sausages, served with fresh-squeezed orange juice, butter and syrups on side.$11/serving,Home fries upon request(add$1.00).
  *NOVA Platter
Hand-sliced Nova, whitefish salad, cream cheese, tomato, red onion and olives. Assorted bagels on the side. Served freshly squeezed orange juice. $15/serving.
Sugarless Foods
Non Fat Foods
Business hours
Tue~Sat.: 7am~8pm
  Sun.& Holidays:
Dessert Platter:  Assorted bronies, blondies, cookies, scones, and bars. $6.99/person
Fresh Fruit Platter:  An assortment of in-season fresh fruit( with Cheese -add $1.00) $6.99/person

Delivery Policy:  5 mile radusd, minimum $35.00, Tue.~Fri. only
Days Closed: New year's day, ThanksGivingDay, X-mas.
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