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1.your choice in our Catering Platter, and then go to Question 1-A to select two side dishes?

1-A. Two side options with Question1 except Box Lunch and Deli sandwich platter?

2.How many serving for ( one serving means for one person)?: **Minimum 8 for catering. If your choice menu is one of the following 3 menus, go to next question 2. -Box lunch, -Sandwich platter,-Deli sandwich platter, Otherwise, go to question 3.

2.Please put your favorite matches for meats and breads here(only Sanadwich platter, Deli sandwich platter,Box lunch) Qty Meat type Describe your breads below as needed. ------|---------------|--------------------------------- :Turkey Breasts on Breads :Ham & Swiss on Breads :Roast Beef on Breads :Tuna Salad on Breads :Chicken salad on Breads :Egg Salads on Breads :Hot Pastrami on Breads :Hot Corned Beef on Breads :Veggie on Breads "Example: 4 Turkey Breast on Breads:white,2Rye, wheat" Review if the total is correct **Our Bread:white,wheat,sourdough,pumpernickel,rye, seven grain,wrap,kaiser roll, ChallaRoll(add$1.00), Vie-De France Sub9"(add$1.00)

3.Please type the meat numbers and bread numbers each for Virginia Platter, Salad Combination Platter, Deli Buffett, Roll-Up. Qty Meat type Qty Bread type |-----|------------ |-----|------------------- :Turkey Breast :White Bread :Ham & Swiss :whole wheat :Roast Beef :Sourdough :Tuna Salad :Pumpernickel :Chicken salad :7-Grain :Egg Salad :Rye :Hot Pastrami :Kaiser Roll :Hot Corned Beef :Wrap :Veggie on breads :Challa Roll :Sub Roll Review if the total is correct **Sub: Vie-De France Sub 9"(add$1.00) **Challa Roll(add$1.00)

4.Please select your additional order by typing numbers.(Multiple choices is allowed here.) Fresh Fruit Platter($6.99/person)
Caesar Salad($4.99/person)
Fresh Fruit Platter w/cheese ($6.99/person)
Dessert Platter ($5.99/person)
Paper Product ($.75/person)
Can Soda ($1.00/ea)
DeerPark Bottled water($1.00/ea)
Coffee ($1.89/cup)

5.Do you want to receive invoice as soon as possible (via email address) ? Yes No


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